Piraeus Municipal Theater

It was on June 24, 1884, when the Piraeus Municipal Theater was founded. Twelve years later, the center of the city was adorned with a magnificent building which has been characterized as the most important significant theater building of the 19th century in Greece. The Municipal Theater opened its doors on April 9, 1895.

Piraeus Municipal Art Gallery

The Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus was established in 1957 as a department – initially – of the Municipal Library. Since January 2014 it is housed in the renovated Old Post Office of Piraues at 29 Filonos Street. Its collection includes paintings of significant Greek painters and many young artists. Educational programs for preschool, primary and secondary school children and guided tours are implemented in the premises of the Municipal Gallery.

Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus offers the visitor a representative and complete picture of the history of the city, which during antiquity experienced great prosperity both as a commercial center of the eastern Mediterranean and as a naval station of ancient Athens. The type of its exhibits, which come mainly from the wider area of ​​Piraeus and the Attica beach, and the periods they cover, from the Mycenaean to the Roman era, are representative of the history of Piraeus.


Piraiki is the southwest coastal district of Piraeus. Along the beach of Piraiki are the ancient Long Walls (walls of Konon) that protected the main settlement of Athens and its port. It borders to the north with Gallipoli, to the east with Agios Vasilios, to the west and south it is washed in a huge length by the Saronic Gulf creating the Piraeus coast on the Themistokleous Coast. It is known for the fish restaurants, cafes and night clubs.

Marina Zeas

Zea Marina or formerly Pasalimani is the second largest port of Piraeus with a circular shape. In ancient times it was the largest of the three war ports of Athens, Zea, Munichia and Kantharos (today’s central one), but also of the Greek territory in general, since it included more docks than the other two (196 are mentioned). This port was called “Zea” by the ancient Athenians, as confirmed by an inscription found in the harbor in front of Kanari Square.

Greek Maritime Museum

The first attempt to establish the Maritime Museum of Greece was made in the newly formed Greek state in 1867. However, the idea was to be implemented as a private initiative, 82 years later. More than 2.500 objects are currently exhibited in its halls. There is also a Naval Library open to the public which hosts more than 17.000 volumes of books and magazines.

The Museum also presents sculptures and important exhibits such as the turret of the historic submarine “Papanikolis” and ship anchors from the time of the Battle of Navarino.

Alexandra’s Square

Alexandra’s Square was a promontory in a deserted area quite far from Piraeus centre. In 1873 the square was included in the city plan. From 1876 to 1890 the construction of the retaining wall of the coastal avenue from Pasalimani to Neo Faliro was carried out in parts. This retaining wall is a structure that surrounds Alexandra Square, Kountourioti Coast and Vasileos Pavlou Avenue. The first name of the square was Akrotiri Square of Munichia but it was renamed Alexandra’s Square in honor of Princess Alexandra, daughter of then King George I.


Mikrolimano or Fanari or port of Koumundourou, previously Turkolimano and in ancient times Port of Munichia, is nowadays a tourist attraction included in the wider district of Kastella. It is famous for its vivid nightlife.

Karaiskakis square – Neo Flairo

The Karaiskakis Monument as well as the Tomb of the Fallen Greeks and Philhellenes are located at the spot where the heroic fighter was killed.

“Georgios Karaiskakis” Stadium, home of Olympiakos

The “Georgios Karaiskakis” Stadium is a modern Greek football stadium in Neo Faliro in Piraeus. It is named after the well-known leader (1782-1827) of Greek Revolution of 1821, commemorating his death after a battle in a nearby location. It is the headquarters of Olympiakos Piraeus.

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